Magical Guys

Jackie and the Magical Guys

The comic series you will absolutely adorea graphic novel sensation!

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"It's great! It does what it's supposed to do."
Scott Lobdell
X-Men comic writer, Happy Death Day screenwriter
“Perfect toilet reading.”
Nicholas Doan
The Kid and the Ripper, Monster Elementary, Daisy Cassidy writer
“Of course I read it!”
Neo Edmund
The Grimms Town Terror Tales & John Carpenter's Tales For A Halloweenight published by Storm King Comics writer, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Putty Parole actor
“I loved it. There were so many words and different numbers of letters in each word. And I really loved the story and the art.”
Jeffrey R. Gund
CEO & Founder of
“Okay, the amount of times I facepalmed myself while reading this was unfathomable. But you did make me laugh out loud. This is a very silly, funny, very fun book. It's very hard to make me laugh, especially in literature, but you manage to do it several times.”
Caspian Darke
creator/writer of SCOUT COMICS' Talyn: Seed of Darkness, creator/writer House of Dreams
This comic book series has it all





Time Travel

Magical Girls

Gender Bender


In a desperate attempt to save the world from a bleak future overrun by monsters, a time-traveling teenage girl transforms four disgruntled guys into magical girls to prevent the apocalypse.

Meet sixteen-year-old Jackie, a girl from the future who has never felt more like the embodiment of failure when her brilliant scientist mother sends her a hundred years into the past to prevent the end of the world—because Jackie is pretty much the only person left alive to do so. But Jackie has never done fieldwork in her life or researched what the world full of viral memes and online trolls was like. And she doesn’t need the mounting pressure of finding strong female warriors that will save the planet when she can’t even find her own dignity.

But “failure” takes on a whole new meaning when, out of desperation, Jackie uses the super soldier serum on four disgruntled guys instead, transforming them into magical girls. And now they refuse to help her because not only do they have to worry about growing a mustache but growing an hourglass figure as well. So what’s a simple girl with a team of gender-swapped boys to do?

Girl from the future
Magical Guys
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01. Volume One

Blaze - On Sale Now!

02. Volume Two Kickstarter - 2025

Reid - In Progress

03. Volume three

Edge - TBD

04. volume four

Gunner - TBD


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