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In a desperate attempt to save the world from a bleak future overrun by monsters, a time traveling teenage girl transforms four disgruntled guys into magical girls to prevent the apocalypse.


In high school, some guys go through hormonal transformations, and some guys transform into magical girls.

JACKIE AND THE MAGICAL GUYS (JATMG) is the latest project by creator Amy Linsamouth. This four part graphic novel series encompasses her love of science fiction, fantasy, and comedy with her favorite viewpoint of a young female protagonist. When JATMG volume one graphic novel ships in November 2023, this will be Amy’s largest printed project to date and even larger still is the world into which she invites her readers. Jackie’s resilience and wisecracking puns in defiance of seemingly overwhelming odds echoes the challenges we all must sometimes face. While she does not have to confront them alone, her four hapless companions must struggle with not only their newfound abilities but also what their new identities mean for how they see the world and how it sees them.

JACKIE AND THE MAGICAL GUYS is a modern love letter to the magical girls manga genre. It’s geared especially toward teenagers and adults nostalgic over the SAILOR MOON era. Readers will be drawn to the fun, zany RANMA 1⁄2-esque gender bender concept and stay for the unique blend of humor, heart, romance, and action. JATMG is in full color and has the potential to be an ongoing comedy sci-fi/fantasy series. The first volume is complete at 126 pages, including three cover pages to divide each act.

Story Blurb:

Meet sixteen-year-old Jackie, a girl from the future who has never felt more like the embodiment of failure when her brilliant scientist mother sends her a hundred years into the past to prevent the end of the world—because Jackie is pretty much the only person left alive to do so. But Jackie has never done fieldwork in her life or researched what the world full of viral memes and online trolls was like. And she doesn’t need the mounting pressure of finding strong female warriors that will save the planet when she can’t even find her own dignity.

But “failure” takes on a whole new meaning when, out of desperation, Jackie uses the super soldier serum on four disgruntled guys instead, transforming them into magical girls. And now they refuse to help her because not only do they have to worry about growing a moustache but growing an hourglass figure as well. So what’s a simple girl with a team of gender-swapped boys to do?

About the Creator/Writer: Amy Linsamouth

The struggle in Amy’s formative years contributed to her desire to shape worlds where readers can flee to and bask in joy. Amy was born to Laotian immigrant parents whom escaped to the refugee camps in Thailand before they could safely immigrate to the U.S. She grew up in an urbanized small town–Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Due to her heritage, Amy emphasizes community-driven narratives where familial connections and friendships help the characters overcome the many obstacles they face.

On her journey to creating beautiful visual narratives, Amy earned a cinema production degree with a focus on screenwriting. All her studies and life lessons helped shape her various projects ranging from horror to humor. When she’s not writing, her extracurriculars still influence her literary works. For example, her background in wrestling, judo, and jiu-jitsu enhance her adrenaline-filled action scenes. Don’t be fooled as she is not as tough as one may think, anyone that meets Amy compares her to a blundering Labrador. That comparison can be seen in her writing as humor is sprinkled throughout her pages.

As goofy as she may be, she is very serious when it comes to her creative pursuits. Amy continues to work hard in developing high-quality content. She is humbled to have the opportunity to share her imagination with the world. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Her free-to-read releases include Omens ( and Byte Me (

Jackie and the Magical Guys, Volume 1, by Amy Linsamouth

MSRP: $24.99 • Solicit Date: Apr 4th, 2023; Comic Release Date: Nov 14th, 2023

Published by Monster Candy Publishing

Jackie and the Magical Guys, Volume 1: Blaze is a 126 page, 9×12″, first edition, full-size softcover with perfect binding graphic novel released in full color with gloss finish. It is the first in a series of four graphic novels that tells the story of each of the Magical Guys whose lives are forever changed by their chance encounter with Jackie.

Jackie and the Magical Guys, Volume 1, by Amy Linsamouth

MSRP: $34.99 • Solicit Date: Apr 4th, 2023; Comic Release Date: Nov 14th, 2023

Published by Monster Candy Publishing

Jackie and the Magical Guys, Volume 1: Blaze is a 126 page, 9×12″, first edition, full-size hardcover with sewn binding graphic novel released in full color with Spot UV finish. Additional upgrades such as interior paper weight and foil stamp to be unlocked as stretch goals get reached. Cover design mockup only as final design may vary.

Above are the guys and their fairytale women counterpart. Take a gander on which fairytale they are inspired from. (Middle and right image.)

Jackie Phimmahom

Bookish girl from the future. Cheerful, goofy, and bubbly; personification of a jokebook on caffeine. What she lacks in skill, she gains in moxie.

Blaze Champion

Strong, silent hero. The lone wolf with great leadership abilities but still wants nothing to do with people.

Gunner Foundry

Naïve, intelligent, and a great inventor that will never give up on trying to fix issues around him and will continually see the good in everyone.

Reid Rapid

Argumentative, arrogant, and temperamental. Extremely competitive to the point where he would argue he’s the most competitive if anyone else were to claim they were competitive as well.

Edge Pride

Aloof with model good looks, keen observation skills, and has mastered the art of persuasion. He is someone not to be trifled with.

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